First off, thanks so much for reading my blog!

I’m Not Anything Special.
As I’m sure you have figured out by now, I’m not a professional. At anything. I’m not a doctor, dentist, vet, psychologist, meteorologist, minister, actress, scientist, dietitian or probably whatever profession you might I assume I am. I am a blogger who reads blogs. 

Take It With a Grain of Salt
Anything I tell you, you can’t assume it’s correct in any way. Most of it is my opinion anyway, and there’s never a “correct” opinion. I hope I’m correct, that’s what I strive for, but I do make mistakes. I can’t be held responsible for anything that happens because you took my advice. That spans from an minor allergic reaction from a makeup product to a zombie apocalypse. Basically, everything you take from this blog is at your own risk.
If you find something incorrect or if you have a bad reaction to something I recommend, let me know! You can email me at erin@genuinelyerin.com. I definitely want to correct the mistake or warn everyone about a possible reaction. Believe me, I’ve been in many a situation where I wish I had been warned about a possible reaction. 

When publish a post, sponsored or not, I promise that everything I have written is my honest opinion. I will never lie to you or compromise my personal values for any reason. 

Speaking of sponsored and partnership posts, I will tell you if it is in the blog post, either at the top or somewhere within the post. If I don’t say anything about it, then the product is mine and I obtained it without contacting the company (i.e. I bought it or it was given to me by a family member or friend).