About Me

If you like blogs, practical advice, and laughing, you’ll feel right at home here! I post about a collage of topics, from style tips to funny stories from my life. I’m not sure how much I’ll have to share on some topics, I’m not an expert (yet), but we can learn together!

About The Blogger
My love for blogging started a long time ago, when I first got a Pinterest account. I would search up a topic and click on pin after pin and read the blog posts. Eventually, I started following blogs individually instead of just reading posts from Pinterest. (I still read posts on Pinterest, by the way) One thing led to another and eventually I started a blog. Then deleted it. Then started another blog. Then deleted it. I forgot about blogging and blogs for a while, but rediscovered it this summer and now, here I am!

About The Blog
Genuinely Erin actually started as Dutchess of Dress, a run-of-the-mill fashion and beauty blog that was really more of a lifestyle blog. I didn’t really think much of it; I figured it would end up with the same fate as all my other blogs. But something was different this time. I realized that I really enjoyed blogging! I started taking it more seriously and writing more often. After learning more about blogging and what I really wanted to write about, I realized that I had the wrong name and wrong idea for my blog. Thus, Genuinely Erin, a lifestyle blog, was born.

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